What does Sizeasy offer?


The UNECE has approved the new i-Size regulation R129, entering into force in the middle of 2013. This regulation defines specific internal dimensions for child restraint systems, and therefore it requires the possibility of these internal dimensions to be measured.


Technical services issuing approvals under the new i-Size regulation R129 will require a way to guarantee that the defined internal dimensions have been met.


CRS manufacturers likewise will require a way of measuring the internal dimensions of new child restraint systems in the design phase, well before the product is finalized and tooling is ordered.


Sizeasy offers a device to measure the internal dimensions of child restraint systems for ages 0 to 12 years old, corresponding to the requirements of the i-Size regulation.

The device can measure all 5 aspects and ranges as defined in Regulation 129, under the predescribed contact force of 50 Newton


The owner of the company, Erik Salters, is the author of the drawing in Annex 18, and also works since 6 years at a large CRS manufacturer.


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